What began 3 years ago as just an idea — to make a hiking trail through the wooded area of the “Old Nursery” in Jungle Gardens on Avery Island — saw some serious advancement last summer. Lisa Osborn, Herbert Leavitt, and I marked the proposed path of this trail by walking through the forested area of the Jungle Gardens’ Old Nursery (where E. A. McIlhenny grew plants for wholesale). We chose a potential route beginning at the edge of the woods not far from the Jungle Gardens parking lot and walked from that point all the way to the opposite forest edge ending at the Yellow Timber Bamboo.

Bernard Patout, head grounds keeper for Avery Island, then came to our assistance with his heavy equipment. He followed our yellow flagging and cut a spectacular serpentine trail through the forest. The trail is particularly attractive because it winds left and right, up and down, so that at any one point you cannot see the path behind you or in front of you.

This route eventually met and crossed a deep ravine (gully), which is also a wonderful sight to see. On March 12th and 13th, 2020, the Avery Island work force built a bridge over this ravine and it, too, is an amazing accomplishment. The bridge is both wide and strong enough so that service vehicles will be able to use it for trail maintenance.

This hiking trail will be marked and open to the pubic very soon.

The new hiking trail through the old nursery.

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